JBL Endurance Peak 2 Problems (5 Fixed)

Welcome to our exploration of the JBL Endurance Peak 2, where we delve into the highs and lows of this popular set of wireless earbuds. While the JBL Endurance Peak 2 has gained acclaim for its sleek design, impressive sound quality, and durable build, no product is without its challenges.

In this blog, we aim to shed light on the common jbl endurance peak 2 problems users may encounter, providing insights into jbl endurance peak 2 troubleshooting and potential solutions for not turning, not charging, not working e.t.c. Whether you’re a seasoned user or considering these earbuds for the first time, join us as we navigate through the intricacies and address the issues that may arise during your audio journey with the JBL Endurance Peak 2.

General Guidelines:

Check the product’s lifespan: Every company knows how long their product is expected to last. They set the charging cycle for charging cases and determine the listening time for each earbud. If you use earbuds beyond their intended lifespan, problems may occur. Typically, the first earbud will start causing issues, followed shortly by the second one. This is a common pattern in the market, and having worked in several companies, I am familiar with this.

If you’ve been using your JBL Endurance Peak 2 for more than 2 years and are facing issues, it might be a good idea to buy new earbuds. Trying to fix them, especially if the problem is related to the battery not charging, may not be a long-term solution. Even if you invest ~$10 in a new battery and a technician,, it’s likely that the replacement won’t be very effective and might start causing problems again in 2 to 3 months.

Refunds and warranties: If you’ve recently purchased your JBL Endurance Peak 2 and are experiencing problems, consider reaching out to the retailer for a refund or checking if there’s a warranty available If yes then claim warranty. JBL often provide warranties for defects, and JBL may either send you a new product or repair the one you have if it falls under warranty coverage. This can be a cost-effective solution compared to attempting repairs yourself.

Quick Fixes (Give Try)

  1. Clean the charging ports for charging problem: Gently clean the charging ports on the earbuds and the charging case using a damp cotton ball or a toothpick to remove any dust, grime, or debris that may be affecting the charging connection.
  2. Reset the earbuds for no sound problem: Place the earbuds in the charging case, then touch and hold the earbuds for at least 10 seconds. Observe the blinking light, indicating that the reset has been completed.

5 JBL Endurance Peak 2 Problems:

Users face problems in the jbl endurance peak 2 right earbud is not charging, Not turning On, Not working or no sound. To fix this you can try the following jbl endurance peak 2 troubleshooting:

Note: If these fixes won’t fix them go for contacting JBL.

1. Not Turning On:

If your jbl endurance peak 2 not turning on, make sure the earbuds are charged before attempting to turn them on. Since you can only determine whether they are charged or not when they are powered on, manually attempt to turn them on to check their charging status. 

While the headphones are being charged, tap the touchpad on the right earbud once, then tap again and hold for approximately 18 seconds or until the LED light turns off. This process is designed to reset the endurance series earbuds.

They might turn on for the shortest period of time, if they do then there is a charging problem or battery problem.

2. Not Charging:

If your jbl endurance peak 2 right earbud not charging, there could be several reasons for the issue. The charging pins on the case or the charging points on the right earbud may have rusted, there might be dirt causing the problem, or there could be a battery issue. In such situations, it is commonly known to be helpful to clean or rub the charging points with a cloth.

Additionally, make sure to place the earbuds properly in the charging case. Apply gentle pressure to the earbud, adjusting it from side to side and up and down to align the charging pins correctly. 

It’s also possible that the problem lies with the case itself, contributing to the right earbud not charging. The problem is not visible externally. To identify this, carefully open the charging case of JBL Endurance Peak and check for any melted wires caused by overcharging. If you find any, take it to a TV repair shop for wire reattachment or replacement.

3. Case Not Charging:

If your jbl endurance peak 2 case not charging there will be the following causes and common fixes practiced all around. Often, it’s because of a problem with the charging case battery. In such cases, it’s recommended to replace the charging case.

Alternatively, the issue might be with the charger itself. If that’s the situation, try using a different charger with the same voltage to see if the problem persists.

You can also inspect the charging case internally by opening it if there is a problem with internal components,

4. Not Pairing: (Not syncing together)

We have found a reliable way to ensure they sync every time without any problems—pay attention! if your jbl endurance peak 2 not pairing. You have to do following things:

Perform a standard hard reset by turning both devices on, placing them in the case, turning off your phone or Bluetooth, and holding the touch surface on both for 20 seconds. If you don’t see a rapidly blinking blue/red light, it’s not factory reset.

Now, every time you take them out of the case, place them back to back, and pull the part that wraps around the ear on both of them AT THE SAME EXACT TIME! If you put one on first, they will NOT SYNC. Since I started making sure they both turn on at the same time, I haven’t experienced any issues!

5. Not Working: (No Sound)

This is the problem that is seen in other JBL models. To fix Jbl endurance peak 2 right earbud not working; First make sure that your right earbud is turned on, it might be the case that the right earbud feel turned on when you bring them out of the case but because of low battery it might turned off immediately, so also make sure the earbud is properly charged, if it is not charged then jbl endurance peak 2 right earbud not pairing and thus won’t sound.

Also check the firmware of the jbl endurance race. To update the firmware of your JBL Endurance Peak II headphones, follow these steps using the JBL Headphones app:

  1. Download and install the JBL Headphones app on your mobile device.
  2. Open the app and locate the JBL Endurance Peak II headphones.
  3. If an update is available, an orange circle indicating the update will be visible.
  4. Tap the orange circle and then select the “Install” button.
  5. Allow the update to complete. Keep your headphones near your mobile device during the update, and avoid closing the app until the process is finished.

If you don’t have the JBL Headphones app, you can download it from the Apple App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.

There is one thing to consider if the problem is not because of these above mentioned causes; Are you experiencing the same issue on multiple devices, such as a PC, laptop, and phone? If the problem persists across all devices, it’s possible that your headphones are faulty.

However, if the issue is specific to a computer, it could indicate driver issues. In that case, you may want to troubleshoot and update the drivers on the computer to resolve the problem. If you are facing the problem on every device then it surely because of water damage or because of any accidental fall you won’t do any thing with regard to this, its time to buy a new headset.


In conclusion, the JBL Endurance Peak 2 earbuds are generally reliable, but issues can arise over time. By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve most problems and get your earbuds working properly again. If you continue to experience issues, it may be time to consider purchasing a new pair or contacting JBL support for further assistance.

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