Are you facing JBL Endurance Race problems, including issues like not turning on, not charging, not pairing, or simply not working? We understand how frustrating these challenges can be, and this article is here to guide you through possible solutions for jbl endurance race issues.

Whether your JBL Endurance Race earbuds are refusing to power up, struggling to charge, having difficulties pairing, or not functioning as expected, we’ll explore jbl endurance race troubleshooting steps to help you overcome these common issues. Stay tuned for practical insights to get your JBL Endurance Race back on track.

First Things To Know:

Early Problems: If you recently bought JBL Endurance Race and encounter problems, reach out to the seller for a refund or check for warranty detail. we will suggest you to claim warranty. JBL endurance race 2 comes with 1 year of warranty or defects, and they might send a new product or repair yours under warranty. This can be a more cost-effective solution compared to attempting DIY repairs. But the warranty won’t be applicable if you claim it for 1st time, the warranty is not applicable over the earbud they sent to you as replacement.

Lifespan: Companies plan the lifespan of their products, including the charging cycle for cases and listening time for each earbud. Going beyond this intended lifespan can lead to problems. Usually, the one earbud starts causing issues, followed by the second. I’ve noticed this trend working in various companies.

If you’ve been using your JBL Endurance Race for over 10 months and face issues, consider getting new earbudsor buy headphones. Trying to fix them, especially battery-related problems, might not be a lasting solution. Spending ~$10 on a new battery and a technician might not effectively solve the issue, leading to problems again in 2 to 3 months.

JBL Endurance Race Issues (4 Fixed)

Here are few fixes for jbl endurance race problems.

1. Not Turning On:

If your JBL Endurance race not turning on, it’s crucial to ensure the earbuds are adequately charged before attempting to power them up. Since you can only assess the charging status when they are powered on, manually try turning them on to check their charge level.

While the earbuds are charging, tap the touchpad on the right earbud once, then tap again and hold for about 18 seconds or until the LED light turns off. This procedure is intended to reset the Endurance series earbuds.

If they briefly turn on during this process, it indicates a potential charging or battery problem. Investigate further to address the underlying issue.

3. Not Charging:

If you are facing JBL endurance race not charging issue then a handy solution might be to try cleaning the gold connectors with a cotton swab and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

If the issue persists, it’s possible that the right earbud isn’t fitting snugly into the charging case, leading to alignment problems with the charging pins. Here’s a quick workaround that could help:

  1. When turning off the earbud by closing the ear hook, aim to close it minimally. Avoid wrapping it entirely underneath the earbud; just let the tip of the magnetic rubber ear hook make contact. This provides the earbud with a bit more flexibility when placed in the charging case.
  2. Insert the earbud into the charging case. If the red light fails to come on, place your thumb just above the JBL logo on the earbud and gently push it from side to side, and up and down. Apply slight pressure and maneuver it until you can hear or feel the charging pins releasing into the holes, initiating the charging process. Keep a close eye on it during charging, as the pins may disconnect randomly. This simple adjustment might just be the solution you need for a smoother charging experience.

It’s also possible that the case itself is causing the right earbud not to charge. This problem might not be visible from the outside. To check, carefully open the charging case of your JBL endurance race and look for any melted wires caused by overcharging (Note: Don’t do this if you had not claimed your warranty yet) If you spot any issues, take it to a TV repair shop for wire reattachment or replacement.

If your JBL endurance race case not charging, there could be various reasons, and common fixes are practiced widely. Often, it’s due to an issue with the charging case battery, and in such cases, replacing the charging case with new one is recommended.

Alternatively, the problem might be with the charger itself. If that’s the case, try using a different charger with the same voltage to see if the issue persists.

3. Not Paring or Syncing:

If you are facing jbl endurance race not pairing or not syncing together issue then here we have unlocked a foolproof method for flawless syncing with your JBL Endurance Race every time – here’s the trick, everyone!

Begin by executing a standard hard reset: power on both devices, place them in the case, turn off your phone or Bluetooth, and hold the touch surface on both for 20 seconds. Confirm a rapidly blinking blue/red light, indicating a successful factory reset.

Now, every time you take them out of the case, align them back to back, and simultaneously pull them out at the same time. Timing is key – if one goes in first, they won’t SYNC.

4. No Sound (Not working)

If you are facing jbl endurance race tws not working then don’t despair issue is not exclusive to JBL Endurance Race, as it’s observed in other JBL models as well.

To address the problem of the jbl endurance race right earbud not working, first, ensure that your right earbud is powered on. Sometimes, although it may seem turned on when taken out of the case, a low battery could cause it to shut off immediately. Therefore, ensure that the earbud is adequately charged; if not, the right earbud on jbl endurance race won’t pair and, consequently, won’t produce sound.

If the problem persists despite these checks, consider whether you’re encountering the same issue on multiple devices, such as a PC, laptop, and phone. If the problem persists across all devices, there’s a possibility that your headphones are faulty.

However, if the issue is specific to a computer, it might indicate driver problems. In such a scenario, troubleshooting and updating the drivers on the computer could potentially resolve the problem. If you face the problem on every device, it could be due to water damage or accidental falls. If these are not the causes, it’s advisable to contact JBL for further assistance

The other thing you can do is to update jbl endurance race firmware. To update the firmware of your JBL Endurance Race headphones, follow these steps using the JBL Headphones app:

  1. Open the JBL Headphones app on your mobile device.
  2. Locate the JBL Endurance Race headphones within the app.
  3. If an update is available, you’ll notice an orange circle indicating the update.
  4. Tap the orange circle, then select the “Install” button.
  5. Allow the update to complete. Ensure that your headphones remain near your mobile device throughout the update process, and refrain from closing the app until the update is finished.

If you don’t have the JBL Headphones app, you can download it from the Apple App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.

If this won’t fix the problem and you are using endurance race with garmin watches then it is recomended to buy new headsets for Garmin watches.


In summary, troubleshoot JBL Endurance Race headphones by ensuring proper charging and performing a manual turn-on or reset for issues like not turning on. Clean connectors and ensure a snug fit for charging problems, and address syncing issues with a standard hard reset.

Verify consistent issues across devices if there’s no sound and consider updating firmware through the JBL Headphones app for optimal performance. Regular troubleshooting addresses common problems and enhances overall headphone functionality.

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