Jlab Go Air Pop Battery Drains Fast (Fixed)

The JLab Go Air Pop earbuds have gained immense popularity for their exceptional sound quality and wireless convenience. However, like any electronic device, they may encounter certain issues, one of which is fast battery drainage.

If you find yourself constantly struggling with the battery life of your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds, this article aims to identify the potential causes behind jlab go air pop battery drains fast and provide practical solutions to help you maximize their battery performance.

First Thing First:

JLab Go Air Pop earbuds have life span of only 1 year and 7 months (Which Is Lower then JBL but higher then Occium and Otium earbuds) and they will start causing issues (Which is Common in technological devices) on average of 1year and 3 more months.

If you’ve enjoyed 1.2 years of use with your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds, you’ve been lucky to have a good experience with them. Nevertheless, it’s worth emphasizing that trying standard repairs at this point might not provide a long-term solution.

In reality, there’s a chance that you’ll face reoccurring problems, even if you succeed in addressing them temporarily.

Hence, it’s a prudent choice to conserve both your finances and time by opting to purchase a new set of headphones or earbuds.

Why Jlab Go Air Pop Battery Drains Fast:

1. Firmware Issues:

Outdated or faulty firmware can significantly impact battery life. Software glitches can cause excessive power consumption, leading to faster battery drain.

Ensure that your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds have the latest firmware installed to mitigate this issue.

2. Background Processes:

Sometimes, certain applications or processes running in the background can consume a significant amount of battery power.

For instance, if you have a music streaming app continuously playing music, it can drain the battery faster.

Make sure to close any unnecessary apps or processes that may be running in the background when using your earbuds.

3. Connectivity:

Bluetooth connectivity is a notorious battery drainer. If your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds are struggling to maintain a stable connection with your device, it can impact battery life.

Keep your earbuds and the connected device within a reasonable range to ensure a strong and stable connection, thus reducing unnecessary power consumption.

4. Volume and EQ Settings:

Listening at higher volumes or with certain EQ settings activated can result in faster battery drain. The amplification required to produce louder sounds requires more power.

Consider lowering the volume level and adjusting the EQ settings to a balanced level that still provides an enjoyable listening experience while conserving battery life.

5. Environmental Factors:

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can affect battery performance. Operating the JLab Go Air Pop earbuds in extremely hot or cold environments can accelerate the battery drain.

Avoid exposing your earbuds to extreme temperatures to maintain optimal battery life.

6. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

If your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds have ANC functionality, it can contribute to faster battery drain. ANC technology requires additional power to cancel out external noises, reducing the overall battery life.

Consider disabling ANC when not needed to conserve battery power.

7. Automatic Ear Detection:

Some earbuds feature automatic ear detection, which uses sensors to pause playback when you remove the earbuds from your ears. However, this feature may continue to consume battery power even when the earbuds are not in use.Disable this feature if you notice significant battery drain when not actively using the earbuds.

8. Charging Cable/Port Issues:

Faulty charging cables or ports can lead to inefficient charging, resulting in decreased battery performance. Ensure that you use the provided charging cable and that both the cable and the charging port are clean and undamaged. Consider trying a different charging cable or port to eliminate this as a potential cause.

9. Battery Health Degradation:

Over time, lithium-ion batteries naturally degrade, leading to reduced overall capacity and faster drain rates. If you have been using your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds for a prolonged period, it’s possible that the battery health has deteriorated. In such cases, replacing the battery might be necessary.

10. App Compatibility and Settings:

Some earbuds have companion apps that offer additional features and settings. However, certain app configurations or compatibility issues may impact battery life. Ensure that the app is updated and check for any specific battery-saving settings that can be adjusted to optimize performance.

How to Fix Jlab Go Air Pop Battery Drains Fast Issue

1. The Battery Dilemma:

the potential issues that may arise with the battery of JLab earbuds when charging them inside the case. Let’s elaborate on the points you’ve mentioned:

The battery of the JLab earbuds is often identified as the main culprit when issues arise. This is because the battery is central to the functionality of the earbuds, providing power for operation.

One common mistake users make is charging the JLab earbud case while the earbuds are still inside. This can lead to issues such as overheating or overcharging, which can degrade the battery life and overall performance of the earbuds over time.

The source of power used for charging can also affect the earbuds. Using a charger with a higher voltage than required can potentially damage the earbuds’ battery or circuitry, leading to malfunctions or reduced lifespan.

Users may sometimes use chargers other than the one provided with the earbuds, which may not have the appropriate voltage or current specifications. This mismatch can pose a risk to the earbuds and may result in damage if not compatible.

While the issues may not be immediately apparent, prolonged exposure to improper charging methods or using incompatible chargers can have long-term effects on the earbuds. This could manifest as reduced battery capacity, decreased performance, or even complete failure of the earbuds.

2. Replace the Battery:

If you have exhausted all other options and notice a significant decrease in battery life after extended use, consider contacting the manufacturer or authorized service centers to inquire about battery replacement options.

This can restore your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds’ battery performance to its optimal state.

3. Update Firmware:

Visit the official JLab Audio website or the dedicated app to check for any available firmware updates. Keeping your earbuds up to date with the latest firmware can often resolve battery-related issues.

4. Manage Background Processes:

Close unnecessary apps running in the background on your device when using the earbuds. This can prevent them from consuming excessive battery power, allowing your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds to last longer.

5. Optimize Connectivity:

Keep your earbuds and the connected device in close proximity to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection.

Avoid obstructions between the earbuds and the device, as they can weaken the signal and result in increased power consumption.

6. Adjust Volume and EQ Settings:

Lower the volume level to a comfortable level that still provides an enjoyable listening experience. Additionally, consider adjusting the EQ settings to a more balanced setting to optimize battery life.

7. Avoid Extreme Temperatures:

Store and use your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds in a moderate temperature environment. Extreme temperatures can harm battery performance, so it’s best to keep them within a suitable range for extended battery life.

8. Disable ANC:

If you find that you don’t frequently require active noise cancellation, consider turning it off to conserve battery power.

Most earbuds allow you to toggle ANC on or off through the companion app or physical controls.

9. Disable Automatic Ear Detection:

If you rarely remove your earbuds while using them, disabling the automatic ear detection feature can prevent unnecessary battery drain.

Check the companion app or device settings to adjust or disable this functionality.

10. Check Charging Equipment:

Inspect the charging cable and port for any visible damage or debris. Clean both the cable connectors and the charging port gently.

If possible, try using a different cable or charging port to identify if the issue lies with the equipment rather than the earbuds.

11. Review App Settings:

If your earbuds have a companion app, explore the available settings related to battery optimization. Look for options like power-saving modes, idle timeout settings, or any other battery-saving features provided by the app.

Adjusting these settings according to your preferences can help maximize battery life.


Experiencing fast battery drainage with your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds can be frustrating.

By understanding the potential causes and implementing the suggested solutions mentioned in this article, you can optimize your earbuds’ battery life and enjoy extended listening sessions without interruptions.

Remember to keep your firmware up to date, manage background processes, maintain a stable connection, adjust volume and EQ settings, and avoid extreme temperatures.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance the battery performance of your JLab Go Air Pop earbuds and make the most

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