• FRAGRANT ZITHER is best for PS4 and PS5.
  • FRAGRANT ZITHER is budget friendly option.
  • ASTRO A40 is best option for Xbox
  • ASTRO A40 is better option then ZITHER.


  • ASTRO A40 is expensive : $204 to $340 (Options)
  • FRAGRANT ZITHER treble is not well extended.
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What Headset Does Joewo Use ( PS4/PS5 & XBOX)

what headset does joewo use warzone? Here are the Two headsets that Joewo uses for warzone games.

1. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset:

Joewo uses 2 colors in Astro a40tr (Click name to read more) headset the Blue and Black. Blue color might not be available but black color is easily available in the market, so click on the name of this headset and grab it, You can decide what color headset to buy.

2. TFZ T2 Galaxy Stereo:

If you are searching for joewo earbuds than TFZ T2 Galaxy Stereo (Click name to read more) is one of the perfect IEM for PlayStation games, Overall this is the iem for FPS games or combat situations.

Astro A40 Vs. Fragrant Zither:

Feature Astro A40 TFZ T2 Galaxy Stereo
Price $204-$340 $69
Sound Quality Great. Excellent.
Comfort Very comfortable. Comfortable.
Microphone Good. Average.
Durability Durable. Very durable.
Special Features Dolby Atmos, MixAmp Pro Active noise cancellation.
Overall A great all-around headset. A great option for those looking for excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation.
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